First results are in

Our first result is in and the news isn’t great, Hubbie’s sperm motility is at 13%.

Although this jolted our confidence and I have come home crying in to Hubbie’s arms, he has been ill recently and therefore this is only so poor because he has been on antibiotics, surely this isn’t a true result! He is having his tonsils out in a couple of weeks, let’s get that done, relax and enjoy Christmas and re-test in Jan when it will all be fine!


The advice that changed everything

A colleague at work unfortunately lost her father, this was unexpected and a sudden shock to herself and her family, and I guess in tragic situations such as this, it must make you really think about the importance of family and relationships.

She is the only member of senior management who really knew how broody I get and that I wanted children of my own. In this moment of bereavement she gave me the best family planning advice that has changed our lives. She stressed how important it was for me to have kids as soon as possible so that they can have a long and love filled relationship with my parents, (my parents didn’t have me until they were 41, I was a ‘Christmas Bonus’) and that if things aren’t happening don’t wait for a year or two to go by, but that I should go to my doctor to progress things sooner rather than later. She started her family later on in life and this was what she did to ensure that she got the 2 beautiful children that she has now.

As soon as I got home I relay her advice to Hubbie and we book doctor’s appointments for each of us as soon as possible, and before we know it, testing is beginning.

Baby K where are you?

Well it is now November and OMG my boss has announced she is pregnant! Well there is still a chance we could get pregnant before Christmas, maybe we could still surprise our parents with a positive pregnancy test instead of the scan?!

Life is still ticking along, however just getting more frustrating by the month. With every period comes more frustration,  with those questions: why is it not happening for us? How do people have accidents? Why when we are doing everything by the book is it still so hard?

I experienced spotting and a my period was a few days late, I got excited hoping that this is finally it. I got up extra early to do a pregnancy test with my first wee of the morning to get a negative result. Even though this was reality I couldn’t believe it, I Googled like a crazy lady examples of women’s tests being negative even when they were pregnant, and those who experienced what looked like a period however in actual fact it was implantation bleeding, this must be it! A week of drawn out hope later I finally gave up.