Chiropody, Chats and Confusion!

I can’t believe how quick this week has flown by. I have spoken to the fertility clinic at the hospital again today and there is still no sign of our faxed or mailed referral letters, which is ridiculous and completely incompetent on their part! I am so frustrated and angry as that is 3 weeks wasted!

I saw my Chiropodist on Tuesday to get my ‘crocodile’ feet as my lovely husband would call them, made all beautiful in preparation for reflexology tomorrow. We had a great chat as she too was unable to have children, she is now in her 50’s and when she was in he 30’s she didn’t qualify for IVF due to her and her husband’s age, and then secondly because she had fallen pregnant and miscarried (but never fell pregnant again). It was a heartbreaking story, she told me how hard it was in her 30’s when her friends were having babies, and how she met some horrible people who would rub it constantly in her face that she was childless, dropping comments in to conversation such as, ‘you don’t have children do you,’ as if it was a choice, she even moved because her neighbour who had twins was so spiteful on a constant basis. She also said that she would have gone private for treatment but they couldn’t afford it, and her mother-in-law, who could afford to help them said, ‘if you have children, you will have less time for me!’ I can’t imagine how difficult this must have been for her, but it was great to talk to someone face to face who had been through this journey and it made me realise how lucky we are that fertility treatment has moved on so much and is more readily available to a wider age group.

It really made me think about our situation too, the lack of urgency at the fertility clinic, and whether we should try the luxury of going private? I have received my yearly bonus this month, and although my husband has been unemployed for the past year he did find a job in Jan, plus we have a bit of money for a house deposit squirreled away, so I have left some voicemails to inquire. However I am concerned that if we can afford one or two rounds private, does that impact our chances of getting IVF on the NHS if it doesn’t work, or how quickly we could receive it in the NHS? I don’t know if anyone else has tried private while they are waiting for NHS?

I also spoke to her about reflexology, at this point in time I am willing to try anything that may help up us, however she completely slated it, saying that I should be careful, particularly if I did ever happen to fall pregnant as you should never have it in the first trimester. I think I am too easily influenced as I am now questioning it and I am not sure what to do?! Everyone has such mixed opinions on alternate therapies.



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