4 pregnancy announcements in a week – spring is certainly in the air!

Wow so spring is certainly in the air. 4 pregnancy announcements in the last week.

One of my best friends announced she was pregnant on Sunday with baby number 2. The weird thing was she told me via a Facebook message, we have been friends for 17 years, I have told her everything, she always reminds me that she is there to talk, yet a Facebook message?! Does this amazing life changing news for her not deserve a phone call? Anyway I am so pleased for them as I know we had been having chats around them trying for a second back in August. I am not going to lie though, I did cry privately to my husband, not because of their news but because of my anger and frustration at our situation. I want to be included in my friends conversations around pregnancy, highs/lows of motherhood etc. but every so often it does hit you, and you need a little cry to let it all out and then you are ok again!

Anyway back to a week of chasing secretaries who seem to never pick up the phone and call you back at the most inappropriate times; and what I don’t get is when you call back 2 mins later they don’t pick up, it is as if you have only a 30 second opportunity and that is it for another week!

The thought of the long bank holiday weekend in 2 weeks is keeping me going, I am tempted to book a mini staycation if it is affordable, maybe the Lake District?!


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