Prologue – About Us.

The “Before I’m 30 plan,” LOL!

My husband and I have been together 8 years and we have always dreamed of having a family, however we wanted to do everything in the right order. First off get a house, then get married, then travel the world, then have babies. We would start TTC while travelling, meaning I would definitely be pregnant by June/July and have a baby well before I turned 30, and around the same time my friend would maybe be trying for number 2, and the age gap would not be too far from our godson, what a perfect plan!

Baby Brain

We would spend entire dinners discussing baby names, the ones that are Greek origin, (Hubbie is Greek), but would not sound weird read out on a school register in England, and also viceversa, those names that wouldn’t sound ridiculous when shouted out by the Greeks in the village (I fought hard for Oscar, but the thought of a little Greek old lady shouting that out is comical, so it got vetoed). We had come up with our top girls name and had a short list of boys. I had mentally planned the decor of the nursery and we would debate what will be do with our house as is it only a 2 bed? What will we do when we bring the baby home and Hubbie’s family are over for the birth as there is just not enough space? Will we have to move? Where are the better schools? Where would provide a more innocent up bringing compared to where we are now? Where would we have a better support network? Moving closer to my parents was decided and we started looking at houses (still not found anywhere yet).

I would tell some friends and my mum about how we can’t wait to start having a family, and that I will be pregnant before my birthday and Christmas. I secretly worried about what will I do when I am pregnant and have to go to friend’s weddings and birthdays, how will I get away with the secret as I don’t want to tell them before my 3 month scan? I would go through my wardrobe looking at clothes to chuck out, but if anything looked like suitable maternity wear I would hold it back (I have now eBay’d them). The same when shopping, I was in the mind set of buying tops that would also be suitable for when I am pregnant, as what is the point of buying something that I will only get a few months out of before it will be unwearable? I cut back on alcohol, I started taking ‘Pregnacare’ tablets religiously, and I went to the doctors to let them know I was going to start trying and ask if there was anything else I should be doing to help conceive, we were super prepared and organised.

And then reality happened …



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