‘Trust, but verify’

I am off work sick today as I have a constant tickling cough and an endless streaming nose, nice! I have been busy with work and was away in Boston on business last week, so I think I just need sometime for rest, plus I don’t think my pregnant boss would appreciate me passing it on to her or any of the team. I have been doing the usual, snuggling up with the cat, watching day time TV and wasting my money entering their competitions and topping up my summer wardrobe with a bit of online shopping (I am loving H&M at the moment).

This afternoon I thought I would phone the hospital to double check that they had received our GP referral and to inquire how long the waiting time would be before we got an appointment. Well it turns out that neither the secretary or the appointments team have seen a referral for us, brilliant! I then call the GP to get the ever useful receptionist who can tell me nothing apart from the fact that there is not doctor available to talk to, not even on the phone. All I want them to do it send it again, the hospital even said for them to fax it over, but no I need an appointment, I now have to wait until Saturday! I am so frustrated, at least we know now though instead of waiting 6 weeks before inquiring as to why we have not yet received an appointment, but now I feel as if I wont be able to trust anyone and will have to check up on them all the time!


Catching up with friends and babies

We went and saw my friend on Saturday, the one who gave birth in Jan. We had a little cuddle with baby who is changing so much and so quickly. She is still so tiny at 8ILBs, but apparently she is growing in line with the growth curve, however she is in the bottom 25% so she is petite for her age; some babies are born that weight and even bigger! My friend seems so laid back and relaxed, she has really taken motherhood in her stride and I think that is reflecting on baby too, as she was just chilling and snoozing the whole time, they are such a cute little family.

We also went for a cuddle with our Godson and to have a brainstorm with the parents to get his christening/first birthday organised. He also has changed soo much in the past few weeks, he is no longer looking like a baby but now at 9 months he is looking like a boy and he is just tooo gorgeous I could eat him up. I just love baby giggles, it has to be one of my favorite sounds (the Cow and Gate advert that had the babies giggling in it was genius), it just makes my heart melt, we were pushing him on the swing outside, as we actually had some sunny weather, and he was loving it, having a little chuckle every time we grabbed his feet!

It is times like this that are the hardest as they make you soo broody, and they make you curse the universe for being unfair. However at least we have great friends and family around us with beautiful babies whose lives we are a part of, and we do feel honored that we have been asked to be God Parents.

Referral Sent!

So yesterday we had our final Doctors appointment now that all our tests are complete, and so that we can finally be referred to a fertility specialist.

My final results were:

Chlamydia test: Negative, Routine Swab: Normal, Hemoglobin blood test: Fine,

2 x 21 Day Progesterone tests: 15 and 8 which is not ideal, to ovulate you should have a minimum level of 30 so the doctor suggested that even though I am having period I may not be actually releasing an egg.

Anyway we spoke about specialists in the local area and who she knew better than others, and our referral was sent! Woohoo! We are so relieved as finally things can start happening for us!

Most annoying things to hear when you are TTC

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“It will happen as soon as you stop trying”

“Appreciate the time you have just the two of you, as you don’t realise how hard becoming parents is” (this is my fav!)

“Just relax”

“What will be, will be”

“Your still young you have plenty of time” (FYI we are 29 and 31)

“We fell pregnant first try”

“My kids are a nightmare”

“Don’t put pressure on yourselves”

“It will happen, just be patient”

“You’ll be next!”

“Aren’t you thinking of starting a family?”

Not a quote but I want to add: Parents openly moaning about their kids on Social Media sites!

I’ll add to it as and when they come up, let me know if you have any great ones to add…

One Born Every Minute Minute – Back on TV!

Absolutely obsessed with this programme and I am so excited to see the new series!

So many women must be becoming midwives after watching this, I have even Googled it, maybe a career change?

Also a pregnant lady at work mentioned a job that sounds absolutely amazing and incredibly rewarding, called a ‘Doula’! A Doula is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during and after her childbirth, as well as acting as a support to her partner and family.

Reflexology- Yes Please!

Reflexology could not have been booked for a more perfect day. The lady I booked was lovely and specialises in fertility. We had a good chat about everything so far, she shared miracle stories of previous clients who had IVF first time round and then how she helped them and they fell pregnant naturally with the second. It was really relaxing and was an hour of bliss, I feel so much better and as if a weight has been lifted off of me.

I have also heard great things about Reiki, I think that may be the next thing on my list to try!