“At least the problem is now with both of you.”

The rest of the tests begin.

I had my transvaginal ultrasound scan and typical me being a stress head; while I was putting my trousers back on, I peered over the shoulder of the nurse as she wrote up the report to send to my doctor and read words ‘ovary of an increased volume 15.7.’ I then asked her if she could tell me anything and she says she needs to ‘consider how she words the report and then it is up to my doctor to interpret the findings!’ OMG I am now going crazy with Google again and have self-diagnosed myself with ovarian cancer, I can’t think about anything else and now therefore I will never be having children arghhhh!

The next day I book a phone consultation with my doctor and I am told that it looks like my right ovary is polycystic. Ok so relief does flood over me to hear that they don’t suspect that I have ovarian cancer, however now another spanner has been thrown in to our fertility works. What does this mean for our chances? What does this mean for our fertility options?Previous doctors have spoken about trying IUI first before IVF, can we still do that is I have a PCO?

Great so not only is my husband’s sperm swimming around in circles, my right ovary is a monster! Arghhh why is nothing ever easy for us when it come to our health! For the past few years we have been through Hubbie being seriously ill in hospital with tuberculosis resulting in not only 6 months of treatment but also a perforated ear drum that needed to be rebuilt with a skin graft, and giving myself latent TB resulting in 3 months of treatment, as well as monthly bouts of tonsillitis that significantly impacted our lives because we could never plan anything due to him feeling too ill!

Well on a positive note as my mum put it ‘At least the problem is with both of you now and not just one!’ yeah thanks for that mum, but I guess that the burden of having a fertility problem is not solely weighing down on just one of us, but shared.

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