New Year, New Baby, New Results

My friend has been through the toughest pregnancy I have ever known, she has been in and out of hospital with bleeding, gestational diabetes and a liver disorder that affects 1% of pregnancies. However she is now a proud mummy to an absolutely gorgeous baby, we went round to have a cuddle and I was so proud of her and how naturally she has taken to motherhood. I didn’t feel jealous at all which is what I expected to feel, I just felt lucky to have friends in my life to share their motherhood experiences with.

Anyway now Christmas is over, its back to the doctors we go, let’s get this show back on the road.

Hubbie motility results are: 1st test:15% and 2nd test: 6%. There is no longer tonsillitis and antibiotics to hide behind anymore, we are disappointed :(.

Although we both appear laid back, I am the stress head in the relationship, and one of the reasons why I love Hubbie so much is that he is so patient with me and always knows how to calm me down and force me to be rational. My river of tears has burst the banks, and I have found myself inconsolable on a regular basis. I will go upstairs to change the sheets, or put the washing away and before I knew it I find myself curled up in a ball booing away in to my pillow. Or I will be on the phone to my mum and she will say something along the lines of ‘me and your father can’t wait for you to have children too,’ and as soon I hang up, Hubbie again would have to deal with the red blotchy faced, blood shot eyed, crying mess of a wife again, poor guy.

I have booked reflexology for next month with someone to specialises in fertility, if nothing else, hopefully she will provide me with an hour of relaxation bliss.


First results are in

Our first result is in and the news isn’t great, Hubbie’s sperm motility is at 13%.

Although this jolted our confidence and I have come home crying in to Hubbie’s arms, he has been ill recently and therefore this is only so poor because he has been on antibiotics, surely this isn’t a true result! He is having his tonsils out in a couple of weeks, let’s get that done, relax and enjoy Christmas and re-test in Jan when it will all be fine!