Telling the BFF’s

I have my FSH blood test completed and all is fine.

Hubbie has had his tonsils out, and although we have had to go to A&E and have him re-admitted back in to hospital twice, he has now be re-operated on now on the mend (touch wood).

I met my friends in the pub for a nice Sunday lunch to celebrate my 29th birthday, I hadn’t told them that we were starting fertility testing, however as soon as they asked how I was, I burst in to tears. How embarrassing, there were poor families enjoying their yorkshire puds and roast beef while peering over to this inconsolable mess at the adjacent table, while her friends, baffled, run through a list of options as to why she is crying, as she can’t even talk!

The girls listened, understood and were positive and supportive, I am glad I have told them.